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The Coffee Story

We chose single estate Brazilian beans for our Stables house coffee blend. They're sweet and nutty with a rich full bodied flavour but with low acidity levels; making for the perfect espresso and flavourful milk-based drinks. The varieties in our house blend include Red & Yellow Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Rubi, Acaia, and Icatu. The majority of our beans are naturally processed, some are honey processed beans and even some peaberries too!

The farms that produce the coffees that go into our beans are part of the SMC specialty coffee group, you can read more about this fantastic exporter here:


SMC work with some if the finest Coffee Estates in Brazil across the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo; Fazenda Palmital, Fazenda Paraíso, Fazenda Boa Esperança, Fazenda Aracaju and Fazenda Cachoeirnha.  


Once our beans reach the UK they are carefully roasted in small batches by our local coffee supplier and are delivered to us no more than 7 days after roasting so they're perfectly rested and super fresh.




Our coffee is grown in three regions across Brazil; Sul de Minas, Mogiana and Cerrado. Each region has its own characteristics and with every bean there is a story behind who planted, cared for and prepared them. 


Processing the Beans

Among natural processes, patios, washers, depulpers, african beds and dryers, it is the expertise of each producer and the wisdom, tied to all these tools,  that turns the post harvest into an important ritual.




Being in balance with nature is crucial to produce high quality coffee, in good and fair labor conditions. SMC, presents how the farms are relationing themselves with the environment, their employees and the sustainable practices implimented on a daily basis.


Coffee at The Stables

We then receive the coffee and our baristas and state of the art coffee machines work their magic to blend the perfect cup of coffee for you. Whether its a flat white or a mocha we've got you covered!

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